May 012012

One way to be creative and find solutions to a problem is to use provocation. A provocation is basically a some weird, probably unrealistic statement that is thrown out. The statement in it self is not useful but it helps us to come up with new ideas. It is important that we don’t start to analyse the provocation and block our selfs but instead accept any ideas that follow. Just go with the flow, and record all you come up with. Analyzing and jugement can be done later.

Three easy ways to create provocations are
1. Reverse something we take for granted. We expect cars to be mobile: “Lets build a car that is stationary”
2. Exaggerate. “Everyone is a millionaire”, “Each phone call can only last 10 seconds”
3. Distortion of a normal sequence of events. “You close the letter after you post it”

Edward de Bono has written lots of books on the subject.

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