Sep 062012

In scrum we usually answer the three questions on the daily scrum meeting:
* What did I do yesterday?
* What will I do today?
* Are there any impediments in my way?

The way this goes is that the first person answers the questions, then the next one and so on.

Now what’s wrong with that? Well, when the first person is answering the three questions, he or she has no clear picture of the problems that the rest of the team is facing. So how is this person supposed to make a good decision of what to do today?

A better way of doing it is to first find out the current situation, that is that everyone answers the questions “What did I do yesterday?” and “Are there any impediments in my way?”. After that, when everyone has the full picture, we can decide what to do by answering the last question “What will I do today?”.

This method encourages teamwork and moves focus from the individuals to the team.

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