Feb 112013

To bind a custom domain name to GitHub is a piece of a cake.

  • First you need a domain. You can use any provider as long as you have control over your domain. I’m using JOKER.COM
  • Create / login into an account @ GitHub
  • Create / go into the repository
  • Go into Settings for the repository
  • Press the Automatic Page Generator

  • Type a Project name, Tagline and write your Body and then press Continue to Layouts
  • Choose your layout and press PUBLISH

  • Now you will have a new branch called gh-pages

  • In the root of the branch you need to create a file called CNAME with your domain name into it.

  • Now you are almost there, the only thing left is to manage your DNS for your domain. Login into your domain provider and choose to manage your DNS settings. You should create an   A-Records pointing to (GitHubs IP for custom domains)

Now you just have to wait a bit before everything starts to work…. it can take up to an hour.

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