Apr 212013

As mentioned in “Broadcast on Bambuser from an IP-cam” I had a stability problem when streaming from a D-Link DCS-923L IP-cam to Bambuser. It turned out that the camera is doing something funny with the motion jpeg every 30 minutes that makes the mjpeg decoder in avconv crash.

I have no idea what is happening but since no obvious fix was available I decided to work around the problem using a simple python script that simply restarts avconv when it crashes.

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Apr 072013

I have mounted a D-Link DCS-923L IP-cam in a nesting box to watch birds nest and their home life. The IP-cam is a simple surveillance camera with night vision that allows it to capture video in complete darkness, and it is equipped with a built in web server that serves the live video feed. I set up the camera last spring and configured my firewall to allow friends and family to watch the birds. More and more people watched the feed and when the chicks were about to leave the nest (seems to be the most popular part of nesting) my connection to internet was completely choked. This year I figured I had to set up a mirror that could take the load off my network and I set out to find a solution. I found Bambuser (a free live video streaming service), why not use it?

So, how do you connect an IP-cam to Bambuser? It turned out that it can not be connected directly but with some some extra work it is possible, almost for free.

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